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Electricity deregulation means you now have the power to choose who supplies your electricity.

The purchase of electricity is divided into two parts. Energy Supply includes costs for the energy commodity based in kilowatt-hours, delivery of the energy. Traditionally, the regulated cost for energy bundles these two parts together for one bill. Now that deregulation is starting to hit more and more states, Businesses have a choice about the commodities portion of their bill. Moreover, Illinois Customers can choose in the open market between who will supply their energy for the lowest rate.
Switching between energy suppliers is almost like going to get gas. There are several different gas companies and as you drive around you can see which one offers the lowest price per gallon. It may seem like the difference between a few pennies, but those pennies add up when you think about how much energy is consumed each year.
You are simply replacing one supplier with another. Distribution will always be handled by the utility company. So there is never an interruption in service when you switch suppliers. It can be confusing to sort through all of the suppliers and plan options, and that's where we can really help.


Best of all, there will be no change of habit. You still will receive a bill from your local utility the only thing that will change is the price for supply portion of your bill.

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